About Us

Dr. Tim Cooper, BS, BSc.(Chiro)


After working in a number of prominent chiropractic practices Dr Tim founded Optimum Health Chiropractic in 1999. As the third chiropractor to graduate in New Zealand he believes strongly in re-defining chiropractic care for the New Zealander, seeing chiropractic as a true health-care discipline. Naturally Dr Tim is committed to the continual development of his techniques and regularly attends seminars to further develop his skills.

Once a week Dr Tim tutors at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in Newmarket. Guiding the next generation of chiropractors as they care for the public in the student clinic is a rewarding part of Dr Tim's week.

When not in the office Dr Tim keeps fit training at the gym, walking Bombardier and studying and teaching classical Japanese martial arts. He also plays clarinet in a professional trio. On the weekend he can be found working in the garden, off-roading in his Land Rover, fixing one of his other classic cars or bikes or relaxing with his wife Anne, son Devin and daughter Liliana.



Bombardier, practice dog

Bombardier ensures all visitors to Optimum Health Chiropractic are thoroughly sniffed, and that their knee-pits are kept adequately wet. Just one stroke of his snow-resistant fur is guaranteed to lower your blood pressure. Outside of these onerous duties Bombardier divides his time between lunch, chasing rope-toys and tennis balls and sleeping.

Many people comment how flexible Bombardier is, how full of life he is and how wet his nose is. Of course Bombardier receives regular spine and nerve system tune-ups at Optimum health Chiropractic. At Optimum Health Chiropractic we believe everything with a spine and nerve system can benefit from chiropractic care..... we love seeing peoples' pets.